Cameroon has a huge variety of huntable game on offer, some species of which can only be hunted in Cameroon: Duiker, bongo, puku, bushbuck, roan, waterbuck, eland, buffalo, hippoand of course elephant, to name just a few. Between these species there will be at least one that will make you want to come to Cameroon.

Besides the excellent hunting on offer in Cameroon, it is also a naturally beautiful county.

Since bow hunting, on all species approved for trophy hunting, is allowed in Cameroon, being a bow-hunter is all the more reason to come to Cameroon.

Getting there

Cameroon can be reach by air via a number of European airports, as well as African ones. There are regular flights to Cameroon from Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Zurich. From within Africa, flights to Cameroon depart from Kenya and Ethiopia.

Necessary documents

A - Tourists to Cameroon require the following:

  • Passport with Republic of Cameroon visa
  • International yellow fever vaccination certificate (valid for 10 years after the vaccination)
  • Medical insurance
  • International flight tickets
  • Cash (euro)
  • If you are thinking of using a credit card in Cameroon- Visa would be the optimal choice

В - Hunters without their gun will need the following in addition to the above:

  • Fit-to-hunt in Cameroon report in French from your doctor (informal)
  • 6 photos 3х4
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of Cameroon visa

C - Hunters traveling with their own gun will also need:

  • Permit for export/import of weapons from/to the country of residence (if required)
  • Gun importation permit from the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon
  • 8 copies of the gun importation permit to the Republic of Cameroon
  • 2 further photos 3х4 (8 in total)
  • Invitation from the hunting establishment, stating weapon and ammunition will be brought by hunter

Medical information

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is obligatory to enter Cameroon. It is also recommended that vaccinations for typhoid, meningitis, hepatitis A&B and tetanus be taken.

The World Health Organization advises travelers to Cameroon to take malaria preventive medicine.

It is also advisable to take out medical insurance that will cover any medical expenses should there be any.

Hunting equipment

Firearm: For hunting antelope calibers such as .300, .338 or .375 are recommended, while buffalo, hippo, eland, lion and elephant should be hunted with .416 caliber or more rifles.

The sights on smaller caliber rifles should be adjusted for a distance of 150 meters, while for .416 or larger rifles 100m is optimal.

Scope: Long range shots are rarely maid in Cameroon, thus 4x or 6x magnification on the scope is sufficient. When hunting dangerous game (buffalo, hippo, elephant) minimal magnification is desirable, as extremely close range shots might have to be taken.

Binoculars: For the hunting to be done in Cameroon the optimal binoculars should have no more than 8x magnification with lenses 40-45mm in diameter. This is good combination of magnification and having a wide field of view, while not being to heavy.

Camouflaged clothes: Colors such as “Green Forest”, “Mossy Oak” and “Real Tree” work well in the terrains Cameroon has to offer, while “Desert” (yellow) and “City” (blue-bray) are not suitable. For hunting the following camouflaged items are recommended: t-shirt, jacket, trousers, cap/hat.

Besides well worn-in hunting boots and comfortable socks are a necessity, as hunting in Cameroon involves a lot of walking.

Khomas Highland

Game available in this concession are: Elephant, Savannah Buffalo, Lord Derby Eland, Roan, Hippo, Crocodile and many more Plains Game Antelopes.


The camp offers professional guided hunts to keen hunters from around the world. They have many years of experience in the field and made many a hunter’s dream African hunt come true.

Africam Safaries was granted a concession of 100 000 ha of wilderness in Cameroon on which to hunt.


At the camp guests are housed in dwellings, traditional of Northern Cameroon – so calledboukarou. The floor and walls of the boukarou are mortared, while the roof is thatched; providing coolness throughout the day.

Each Boukarou has a bathroom, comprising of a toilet and shower, separated by a wall from the living area. Inside each boukarou there is a table, some chairs, a bed with a mosquito net and a wardrobe. All the boukarou have air conditioners installed in them. Included in the service is that fact that the bed linen and towels are changed every 2 days and dirty clothing washed daily.

The bar, decorated in a traditional style, is open around the clock and offers a large selection of various soft drinks and beer – for free! The bar is also where you can connect the internet via Wi-Fi.

Guests of Khomas Highland Hunting Safaris have access to a library of numerous books and magazines in French, English and Russian. The dining area is decorated in African style and is under a thatched roof. Most of the fruits and vegetables that are served for meals are grown in the garden.

The Mayo Rulriver runs through the territory of the camp and offers great fishing and a refreshing swim.