Our game roams freely and one is almost always completely alone in the beautiful landscape of the Khomas Highland, exactly as described passionately in old hunting books of Africa.

The Elephant Lodge - Kalahari

The second conservation area is situated at the east of Namiba, about 100 km away from Windhoek International Airport. Here, in the heart of Africa, Okambara with its 15 000 ha of untouched nature is found. The character of the farm is typical for the eastern edge of Namibias great Escarpment merges with the Kalahari, resulting in a landscape dominated by contrasts of savanna and mountains.

Great herds of Giraffe and Gemsbok populate the vast savannas of the Kalahari. Here these populations were able to increase undisturbed during the past decades. Elephant, Rhinos Leopards and Cheetah can be encountered during your stay.

With the mountains in the back the gaze wanders across the pristine Namibian landscape in the evening. The impression of our herds of Zebras and Oryx at sunset and the wish to return to Okambara will last a life time.

Waterval Lodge – Khomas Hochland

Waterval Ranch is situated in the rolling hills and ever-changing landscape of the Khomas Highlands, approx. 85 km to the west of Namibia's capital, Windhoek. The stress of a long flight melts away with each kilometer as the journey winds through seemingly endless mountain ranges to Waterval.

Visitors are often astounded at how man, fauna and flora can survive and flourish in this arid, austere and ruggedly beautiful landscape.

Mount Valley - Namib Dessert

Your African dream dessert hunt becomes true here. Mount Valley is more than any other hunting area, it sets an example in conservation. The 21 000ha are there for nature. Thousands of Gemsbok and Springbok roam and Leopards, Spotted hyena, Cheetahs and even Lions pass through. Mount Valley is untouched by commercial farming. This is the last Gem of the dessert, where nature can florish. Less than two hunters visit this conservation area per year.