Hunting leopards

Due to their secretive nature a successful Leopard hunt will require baiting on a 14 or 21 day safari. The bait, in the form of fresh meat, is placed in a tree, whilst the hunter lies in wait in a blind less than 100 meters away. This is usually done at dusk and if a leopard comes, it will be just before total darkness sets in.

It might well be that the first time you see the Leopard will be when he is at the bait, although other smaller animals will notify you of his imminent arrival. Few other hunts will give you such excitement – your heart rate will instantly sky-rocket.

Leopard trophy

With Leopard trophy judgment is usually not that important, although you do want to hunt a mature male. Males are larger bodied, have thicker necks and have heads larger in relation to their body than females. However, it is difficult to distinguish between young males and mature females.

Hunting Leopard requires careful planning, skill and definitely bravery. After all you are pitting yourself against the perfect predator and you need to outwit him!

Leopard hunt equipment

Quality optics with strong light gathering capabilities isparamount. Furthermore it will require great skill to aim and fire without making even the slightest unnatural sound, as this would alert the leopard.

Any medium caliber rifle (i.e. .300, .308, .270 etc) will suffice and quick-expanding ammunition that will deliver sufficient hydrostatic shock is highly recommended. Good shot placements are the vitals behind the shoulder or the spine.

Going after a wounded Leopard is an experience many would rather not make, as wounded Leopards are usually hell bent on revenge. A leopard most certainly holds the advantage of surprise, because of their superb camouflage. You might literally be about to step on it before it charges.